HGH is a hormone synthesized, stored and secreted by growth hormone cells in the pituitary gland. Growth hormone (GH) is produced by recombinant DNA technology. It can promote animal and human development and cell proliferation.

In fact, human aging is caused by the lack of growth hormone. As long as growth hormone is used to stimulate and activate the pituitary gland and restore its function of secreting and releasing growth hormone, the human body will return to old age.

Supplementary growth hormone is the key to enhance immune system function and achieve longevity.

The Role of HGH in Athletes

The popular saying is that HGH intelligently acts as a protein allocator throughout the body and ensures that even unstimulated muscles are allocated to protein quotas. In other words, HGH will allow you to grow even those parts of your muscles that are not exercising (amazing performance), but that doesn't mean we can get a good figure lying down.

The second miracle of HGH is energy conversion. Usually 20 minutes after training begins, when the sugar and water stored in the muscle are depleted, our energy sources are actually muscles and fat, and most of them are muscles, that is to say, muscles are actually our energy storehouse. If we don't want our muscles to be depleted, we have to eat a lot of carbohydrates that can be converted into fat, but that's not the case with HGH, which gets energy directly from our body's fat instead of breaking down our muscles to get energy.

This is basically the work of HGH. If HGH is used during CYCLE, it will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

In addition, the synergistic effect of HGH and steroids is actually a fission-type growth. How to say that? It is well known that the number of muscle fibers does not increase after adulthood. Steroid alone increases the volume of individual muscle fibers, which is the visual muscle development after what we usually call "muscle hypertrophy", but HGH removes the protein synthesis and decomposition mentioned above. The greatest function of fat is absolutely none. The greatest function is that HGH increases the number of muscle fibers. You can't see it wrong. It's the number. So the combination of HGH and steroids brings us absolutely fission growth.

HGH is an insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) produced by the liver. It can promote the absorption of amino acids, the synthesis of DNA and RNA, the absorption of extracellular proteins, and the storage of carbohydrates and nitrogen in muscle cells. The results of these actions are to promote the growth of muscle cells and to increase the size of cells, thereby increasing muscle strength and the ability and performance of exercise. After six months of use, lean meat increased by 8.8% and 25% in 12 elderly people in clinical trials. (Because of this role of HGH, +has been used by athletes and fitness practitioners in the past to enhance their muscles and their overall performance, unlike the use of assimilating steroids, it can not be found in the medical examination of sports organizations,+so HGH human growth hormone has always enjoyed high value in the sports world. ) The reason why HGH can reduce weight and fat

Week 1 - Improve sleep, replenish physical strength and reduce physical fatigue.

Week 3 - Glossy, ruddy complexion, reduced hair loss, improved vision (presbyopia), increased appetite, reduced abdominal fat, reduced dryness in women, increased sexual desire; men are energetic, physical strength, increased sexual desire.

Month 2 - Brain memory increased markedly, immunity increased, skin spots lightened, deep facial wrinkles lightened, fine wrinkles disappeared. Liver and stomach diseases were improved, hypertension and vertigo were significantly improved. Pain, rheumatism, lumbar muscle strain and other old diseases have improved. Blood lipid and blood sugar basically returned to normal, bone mineral density increased, and body function was improved in all directions.

Month 3 - To further enhance the above effect, the improvement speed is slightly slow or gentle, and the deep repair process is still in progress. Functions of organs continued to improve. Digestive capacity, liver and stomach diseases have been thoroughly improved. Paralysis can restore some muscle strength, fatty liver disappeared. Female menopause can resume menstruation.

Month 4 - Skin texture improved markedly, with gloss, moisture, delicacy, elasticity, and spots disappeared. Wrinkles further + subside. The chest circumference increases, the abdomen circumference decreases, and the rich rhyme body is reconstructed. Blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar remained normal. Visual acuity improved markedly, black hair regenerated, pain disappeared, good exercise endurance appeared, and the spirit was in an optimistic state. Thoroughly improve the human body's internal environment, giving the body new vitality.

From the 5th to 6th months - the somatic cells return to the state of + 25 + years old, time goes back and youth reappears.

Note: Because each person uses different courses of treatment, combined with appropriate diet and exercise, the improvement is faster and more thorough. Therefore, the improvement time is different, the above is the general trend of the use of treatment.