Growth Hormone Production Of Custom HGH OEM

Growth Hormone Production Of Custom HGH OEM

Human recombinant growth hormone for injection

Product Details

Product nameHGH 191A Black Tops

CAS No82030-87-3

Specifications10IU/vial. And 8IU/vial.6IU/vial. And 4IU/vial.And 2IU/vial.


HGH priceIf you need HGH price list, please contact customer service.

HGH Storage conditions:Store at 2 - 7°C. Keep tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place.

Molecular weight:22125

Molecular formula:C990H1529N2630299S7


HGH Product description:

Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced from DNA technology.Its chemical composition including amino acid sequence and amino acid composition were identified to be identical with pituitary growth hormone.Growth hormone (HGH), whose molecular formula is C990H1529N2630299S7, is a polypeptide chain composed of 191 amino acids.It is connected by disulfide between position 53 and 165 and 182 and 189, with a molecular weight of 22125.

GMP workshop,HGH workshop cleanliness level requirements

HGH custom production workshops are divided into four levels:

Class A: high risk operation areas, such as filling areas, areas for placing rubber stopper barrels and open packaging containers in direct contact with aseptic preparations, and areas for aseptic assembly or joint operation, shall be maintained in the environmental state of the area by one-way flow platform (hood).The one-way flow system must provide uniform air supply in its working area, with a wind speed of 0.36-0.54m/s (guide value).There should be data to prove and verify the state of the one-way flow.Low wind speeds can be used in closed isolation operators or glove boxes.

Class B: refers to the background area of A class A clean area for high risk operations such as aseptic preparation and filling.

Grade C and grade D: clean areas of lower importance in the production of sterile drugs.

HGH factory

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