HGH Black Top

CAS No:82030-87-3
Specifications:10IU/vial. And 8IU/vial.6IU/vial. And 4IU/vial.And 2IU/vial.

Product Details

CAS No:82030-87-3

Specifications:10IU/vial. And 8IU/vial.6IU/vial. And 4IU/vial.And 2IU/vial.


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Storage conditions: Store at 2 - 7°C. Keep tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place.

Molecular weight: 22125

Molecular formula: C990H1529N2630299S7

Product description:

Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced from DNA technology.Its chemical composition including amino acid sequence and amino acid composition were identified to be identical with pituitary growth hormone.Growth hormone (HGH), whose molecular formula is C990H1529N2630299S7, is a polypeptide chain composed of 191 amino acids.It is connected by disulfide between position 53 and 165 and 182 and 189, with a molecular weight of 22125.



HGH is smart enough to do the job of distributing protein throughout the body, ensuring that even unstimulated muscles are allocated their protein quotas.In other words, HGH increases your muscle mass even if you don't exercise (which is amazing), but it doesn't mean that we can get a good figure lying down.By stimulating muscles with exercise, HGH can perfectly exert its muscle-building effect.HGH second magical effect is reduced fat: energy, we generally 20 minutes after the training began, when stored sugar and water consumption in muscle after clean, so in fact we are source of energy for muscle and fat, and most is muscle, that is actually muscle is our energy reserve, if we don't want to muscle is consumed, could have to eat a lot of carbohydrates into fat, but with HGH later need not such, HGH will directly from within our body fat for energy, not to break down muscle for energy.Reverse growth HGH fat reduction principle analysis: growth hormone HGH we have introduced many times, today I want to focus on sharing TA in the fat reduction principle.There are actually three main pathways of growth hormone HGH for body fat metabolism:1. HGH can maintain the stability of glycogen in the body by antagonizing insulin, allowing the body to retain the maximum glycogen. This effect is indirect.2. The direct principle is that on the basis of inhibiting glycogen and amino acid metabolism, TA can directly convert the body's energy supply into fat metabolism, which is what we call consuming fat to provide energy for the body.3. Inhibiting protein-lipase: protein-lipase stores serum fatty acids in fat cells, essentially a process of fat storage.Er growth hormone can increase the level of free fatty acid in serum by inhibiting the protein lipase.Fatty acids, on the other hand, are involved in the process of oxidation to provide energy for human tissues and organs.And in the non-season or in the increase of dimensional iron powder, it is inevitable that in the process of getting bigger and bigger, the accumulation of fat in the body, and the use of growth hormone HGH at this time, not only can obtain the growth of muscle fiber number and must be the growth of lean weight, but also can improve the body's metabolic speed and utilization rate of fat.Isn't it the dream of all bodybuilders to grow up without getting fat?!

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