Portable Needle-free HGH Injection Pen

Portable Needle-free HGH Injection Pen

Portable Human growth hormone Painless injection pen

Product Details

Needle-free SOMATROPIN(HGH) injection technology

Human growth hormone injector is a device that can be used to administer SOMATROPIN(HGH) without a needle. The Growth hormone is fired at high pressure through a small aperture, which creates a high speed jet that can penetrate the skin and underlying tissue. The pressure is generated by a powerful spring which is optimised for subcutaneous SOMATROPIN(HGH) delivery

Portable HGH painless syringe

SOMATROPIN(HGH) injector addresses an impressive number of the challenges regarding injection techniques

  • Consistent fast delivery of insulin to subcutaneous layer

  • Suitable for needle-phobic patients

  • Predictable absorption of insulin

  • Reduced pain

  • No safety issues regarding disposal of needles

  • No premature withdrawal of needle

  • Safe, reusable consumables

Advanced Features

Somatropin(HGH) Injector pen disperses in a specific process through the subcutaneous tissue. Contrary to needle injections, Somatropin(HGH) is not simply pushed through the skin and disposed as a droplet.Growth hormone instead spreads through the subcutaneous tissue in a cone-like formation maximising Growth hormone absorption into the circulation. It is likely that the absorption of fluid is different (and faster) than a conventional needle injection.

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Portable Growth hormone painless syringe


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