3M N95 1860 9123 KN95 N90 Face Masks

3M N95 1860 9123 KN95 N90 Face Masks

3M N95 1860 9123 KN95 N90 Face masks

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Types and USES of masks:

We usually say that the masks, is divided into two kinds: mask (mask) and respirator (respirator), has recently been everybody in N95 masks are common respirator.

We have listed the following common masks (see table below) and compared their use and filtering effects.


Naturally occurring human droplets (such as those produced by breathing, talking, sneezing, and coughing) contain a variety of cells, physiological electrolytes in mucus and saliva, and potentially infectious agents (such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses).Naturally occurring droplets vary in size.Published data suggest that sneezes may produce as many as 40,000 droplets between 0.5 and 12 microns in diameter.

The difference between ordinary mask, surgical mask and N95 mask


A normal mask, also known as a facemask, is a loose, disposable device that creates a physical barrier around the wearer's mouth and nose to keep out potential contaminants in the surrounding environment.Different masks, different purposes, different thicknesses, the protection effect on people is different, wearing comfort degree is also different.Common cotton and sponge masks are very simple, made of different fibers pressed together, with limited protection, while surgical masks are mostly self-primed filter masks, which work by allowing harmful air to pass through the filter material of the mask before being inhaled or exhaled.Here's a surgical mask.A standard surgical mask has three layers: the outer layer is a water-blocking layer to prevent splashing, the middle layer is a filtering layer that blocks 90 percent of the 5-micron particles, and the inner layer is used to absorb the liquid and moisture released by the wearer.Surgical masks are suitable for basic protection of medical personnel or related personnel.

In short, ordinary masks have no filters;Surgical masks have filters, but do not filter very small (< 5 microns) particles.

2. 3M N95

N95 respirators are actually respirator (respirator), breathing apparatus is a kind of respiratory protective equipment, in design compared with average masks joint face more closely, can very effectively filtering particulates in the air.Where, N stands for Not resistant to oil, which can be used to protect against non-oily suspended particles;95 means filtration efficiency is greater than or equal to 95%, indicating that, after careful testing, the respirator can block at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron level) test particles.If worn correctly, the N95's filtration capability is superior to the standard and surgical masks described above.However, even if the wearer meets the requirements, the risk of infection or death cannot be eliminated 100%.To work effectively, we need to choose an N95 mask that fits our face shape, check for fit before using it, put on a respirator and adjust the rubber band so that the respirator fits tightly to our face without feeling uncomfortable.It is recommended to read the instructions carefully to see what different manufacturers have to say about "fitting well."


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