Medical Surgical Mask Face Mask

Medical Surgical Mask Face Mask

Surgical mask

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Product name:Medical Surgical Mask Face Mask




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HGH Storage conditions:Store at At room temperature

Molecular weight:

Molecular formula:

Implementation standards in China: YY 0469-2004

Surgical mask Product description:

The mask has a certain filtering effect on the air entering the lungs. We mainly produce non-woven air filter masks, mainly medical protective masks, medical surgical masks, medical masks, and our products have the following advantages.
1, the implementation of national standards, medical standards, quality assurance.
2, smooth breathing without resistance, skin-friendly, no odor, no stimulation.
3, the protective effect is greater than or equal to 95%, clean and hygienic.
4, fit the contour of the face, adjustable nose bridge, more comfortable to wear.

Protect name Type A(individual package)  Medical surgical mask
Color Green, blue,pink
Material3 Layars
TypeMedical protection
FunctionProtective effect
Usage For medical staff to provide physical barriers in invasive operations
Package 1 piece / bag  50 bags / bag  40 bags / box
MOQ2000 bags

Advantages of surgical mask

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Non-woven Surgical Face Mask disposable with tie-on


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