Prospects and prospects of peptide drugs

- Aug 21, 2019-

With the rapid development of modern technology and equipment, the production cost of peptides has dropped greatly, and peptide drugs have entered the golden stage of development.

(1) Multipeptide chemistry, recombinant protein production, enzyme synthesis, bioorganic chemistry and other multidisciplinary multi-disciplinary areas may have more cross-integration, the use of their respective advantages to work together to solve the above-mentioned problems, improve efficiency and promote large-scale production. 

(2) The maturity of bio-recombination technology will be more suitable for mass production, especially in favor of the production of long-chain peptides.

Bioinformatics will better predict peptide functional fragments and possible biological activity. 

(3) New formulations or aids make peptide drugs more stable at room temperature.

Long-acting peptides or slow-release systems can allow smaller amounts of peptide drugs to maintain or increase activity in the body for longer periods of time. 

(4) The problem of oral administration will continue to make progress and be finally resolved. This method of administration will provide maximum convenience to patients and will also help to significantly expand the market for peptide drugs.