The development trend of biotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry

- Feb 21, 2020-

Abstract: along with the reform and innovation of science and technology, enlarge the scale of pharmaceutical industry development in our country, the biotechnology industry as a new technology has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry development, the technology has obtained the good prospects for development and pointed out the direction for the drug industry development. Therefore attaches great importance to drug enterprises and technical personnel to cause, clear the current trend of the development of medicine industry, biological technology in our country and the level of drug development has made obvious progress, but compared with other European and American countries, there are bigger differences, the innovation of the biotechnology using genetic engineering drugs was studied, and the sudden case diagnosis, prevention and treatment in detail, and can solve the problem in a relatively short time, to promote the drug industry smoothly. This article on the current development trend of biotechnology in pharmaceutical industry are briefly analyzed, and scientific and effective optimization measures are put forward.Key words: biological technology; Drug industry. The development trend; Optimization strategy; Research and analysisThe current situation of biotechnology in the drug industry in ChinaDrug development is an innovation and summarizes the development process, application of biotechnology in China started late, at present, the drug industry has developed the erythropoietin and human insulin and other biotechnology products, thus it can be seen that biological science and the scientific development in our country, the field of biological medicine industry gradually expand, biotechnology industry as a high-risk industry, has the characteristics of practice, long cycle, high investment cost, but can ensure the economic benefits of drug industry. Due to technical level is different in different countries, pharmaceutical industry development is not balanced, the drug industry is the fastest growing country in the United States, successfully developed a variety of biological medicine, and in the field of medicine has been widely promotion and application of erythromycin, tetracycline and biological drugs such as amphotericin is prominent, most polyketone synthase genes have been successfully cloned, has a far-reaching influence on the development of medicine industry in our country. Intellectual property is the basic guarantee of a country's development in biotechnology, drug should enhance the study of the problems of the enterprise, take scientific measures for pharmaceutical research and development, the drug industry is particularly an important part of the market economy has obtained certain dominant position, the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, in order to obtain higher economic benefits, drug enterprises should take effective measures to protect intellectual property rights cultivate innovative talents, a batch of professional biotechnology the main characteristic of the knowledge economy is to need a lot of talent, this has become the biggest obstacle of the development of biotech drugs. Therefore, China should increase investment, expand production, study and research combining and international exchanges and cooperation. In order to effectively integrate local biotech pharmaceutical experience and talent, but on the premise of not infringed patents, positive for generic drugs research and development of biotechnology. Advantages of biotech drugs in China industry. One of, have certain science and technology base. In the field of biotechnology research and development has obtained great success, in addition to the hybrid rice has been located in the world leading level, in genome research, tissue engineering and biological chips and other fields was close to or reached the international advanced level. Second, our country has to biotechnology research and development of talent base. At present, our country engaged in biotechnology research and development of the technical staff of about 20000 people, each year there will be five thousand by the agricultural university such as advanced institution of higher learning graduate from undergraduate and graduate students to join the r&d team. Thirdly, with the rapid development of social economy, biotechnology is involved in the field, there is a larger development.