A Polyglycol-based Modification Method In A Polypeptide Chain

- Aug 29, 2019-

Lu and other mPEG-NH2 as raw materials to modify the temporine lateral chain of argon to obtain Fmoc-Asp (mPEG -NH)-0H, it is used in solid-phase polypeptide synthesis to achieve polyglycol on the peptide chain of the temporina side chain pyridine-based modification. Can also be used in the synthesis process with acrylic (Alyl) to protect a specific location of the tithane side chain of argon, peptide chain assembly after the solid phase first remove Alll, and then mPEG-NH2 conjugated to the tithane side chain on the base, to achieve a specific inthe peptide chain of winter anine side chain of polyglycol. 

This method is applicable to the fixed-point polyglycol modification of thytain or glutamate in The Fmoc solid-phase polypeptide synthesis method. In the synthesis of solid-phase polypeptides, if Fmoc-NH-PEG-COOH is first coupled to the resin, then synthesized peptide chain, and finally with trifluoroacetic acid lysis, it can be achieved the polyglycol-based polyglycolated at the end of the peptide chain C.