Active Peptide Properties

- Aug 15, 2019-

Bioextracted peptides have a strong activity, so it's called active peptides! Only active peptides can produce good results on the human body!

But many synthetic peptides are not active, is required to screen, only active peptides can be safely used by the human body!

The type of active peptide

Immunoactive peptides, neuroactive peptides, other active peptides, etc. Other active peptides include cholesterol peptides, peptides (CPPs) that promote mineral absorption, enzyme regulators (e.g. trypsin peptides), hormone peptides such as growth hormone release factors (GRFS), albumin insulin boosters, antibacterial peptides (e.g. lactic acid streptococcin, rubber), anti-cancer peptides (e.g. tumor cell necrosis factor, cyclopeptide), Anti-AIDS peptides (e.g. GLQ protein) and so on.