The Most Basic Constituent Material Of Human Body - Peptide

- Oct 21, 2019-

The most basic constituent material of human body -- peptide

Peptide is indispensable to human life.

First of all, from zero to one hundred years old, all growth and development: height, intelligence, emotion, thinking, judgment, action and so on are inseparable from peptide, are determined by peptide.

All human diseases are actually one disease:

Up to now, no matter how many kinds of diseases the human body has, dozens or hundreds of kinds, are actually a disease (cell disease), that is to say, the ability of human organs to synthesize a certain peptide problems caused by, so as long as scientific and reasonable peptide supplement, in fact can be very good adjustment and repair.Otherwise, it is a headache and a pain in the foot, which is to solve the surface problem instead of pursuing the root cause of change!

So we say, western medicine treats organ disease, Chinese medicine treats system disease, only peptide can treat cell disease.Truly cracked the ultimate code of human health and longevity.

In the more than 100 years since the Nobel Prize was founded, it has never been seen before.This is in any medicine, nutrition aspect has never had.

Chinese "peptide" expert zou yuandong also wrote and published "peptide and health", "combat SARS, China peptide valley" has also been the domestic and foreign peptide consumers to pursue."Peptide, a new secret for a long and healthy life," said Dr. Yougelin, an American expert."Peptides can significantly improve liver disease in any disease," said professor ray hines of Canada.

The Nobel prizes have traditionally been awarded for discoveries and innovations made by scientists, and the top ten scientists for studying the same substance, peptides.

The Nobel Prize committee said: "peptide research, to crack the code of human life, to break their own life limit, to overcome all known diseases, is of great significance, is the ultimate direction of human health research.

Of the world's leading scientists of peptide evaluation: the skin ageing international institute President Nicholas, Mr Perry, m.d., was published in the United States "Mr. Perry promised" the peptides and neuropeptide, 28 days let's 10 years younger ", the book amazon ranking first in the total list, British physiologist writing published new mysteries of carnosine, longevity and health has become the world's most popular book in 2006.

American famous Chinese scientist Nobel Prize winner Dr. Steven chu: "the 21st century biological engineering is to study genetic engineering and protein engineering, research protein engineering, in a sense, is to study peptide!"Japanese scientist tian zehui 1: "peptide, have omni-directional effect!"Dr. Powell klud, Germany: "finally found a new anti-aging substance - peptide, he can make people become healthy and young, peptide, the world has changed dramatically.