Specific Application Of Peptides In The Field Of Medicine

- Oct 24, 2019-

A polypeptide drug refers to a polypeptide having a specific therapeutic effect extracted by chemical synthesis, genetic recombination or animal or plant, and is a specific application of the polypeptide in the field of medicine. The biological activity of the polypeptide is extensive and important, and it can be widely applied to the endocrine system, the immune system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, the blood system, the musculoskeletal system, etc. Therefore, although the history of the polypeptide as a drug is short, the development is very rapid. It has become a hot spot for market development.

In terms of preparation methods, the preparation of polypeptide drugs mainly includes chemical synthesis, genetic recombination and extraction from animals and plants. Due to the low content of peptides in the organism, the purity of the peptides is not enough, which limits the clinical application of peptides extracted from plants and animals. The production of solid phase synthesis technology in chemical synthesis has greatly promoted the development of peptide drugs. Gene recombination refers to the process of forming new DNA sequences by exchange and recombination of DNA fragments due to cleavage and ligation of different DNA strands; gene recombination is mainly used in the preparation of long peptides in peptide drugs. According to the action and secretion site of peptide drugs, it can be divided into vasopressin and its derivatives, oxytocin and its derivatives, corticotropin and its derivatives, hypothalamic-pituitary peptide hormones, digestive tract hormones, other hormones and Active peptides and the like.

The current expansion of the global peptide drug market and the mass market of generic drugs have also brought growth momentum to the Chinese peptide market. China's peptide drug market is currently dominated by immune products. The proportion of products such as tumors and diabetes is not high, so the market is not mature, and it is still in a stage of rapid growth, and its future potential is unlimited.