The Characteristics Of Enzymatic Polypeptides

- Aug 02, 2019-

There are many traditional ways to obtain peptides. The traditional methods are: acid, alkali, electricity, artificial grafting, gene expression and so on.


However, in process technology, the limitations of these synthesis methods are the reasons why these synthesis methods do not have products. Enzyme method in the traditional method on the basis of breakthrough and innovation, to adapt to the low-carbon economy and green environmental protection requirements. Enzyme method is the use of bioenzyme catalytic protein to obtain peptides, that is, protein degradation, synthetic polypeptides. Enzyme method is more acid, alkali, electricity is gentle and environmentally friendly.

The production process is simple, less investment, quick results, suitable for industrial production, its representative products have three nine protein peptides, nine brand of bitter melon peptides and so on. Enzyme method to obtain polypeptides, molecular weight easy to control, product itself rich in green properties, the production of peptides without bitter taste, peptide molecular weight is small (molecular weight is mostly below 1000), these small molecular peptides do not need digestion direct absorption, with power, carrier, transport, transport and nutritional functions, especially it has activity and diversity is an important biological function.