The Importance Of Peptides

- Jul 24, 2019-

Many of the human body's active substances are in the form of peptides. Peptides involve hormones, nerves, cell growth and reproduction in the human body, the importance of which lies in regulating the physiological function of various systems and cells in the body, activating the enzyme system in the body, promoting the permeability of intermediate metabolic membranes, or by controlling DNA transcription or the synthesis of specific proteins, resulting in specific physiological effects. Peptides are important substances that involve a variety of cellular functions in the human body. Peptides can synthesize cells and regulate their functional activity. 

Peptides in the human body as neurotransmitters, transmitting information. Peptides can be used as a means of transport in the human body, the human body eats a variety of nutrients and a variety of vitamins, biotin, calcium and trace elements beneficial to the human body to the body's cells, organs and tissues. Peptide is an important physiological regulator of the human body, it can fully regulate the physiological function of the human body, enhance and play the physiological activity of the human body, it has important biological functions. 

Peptides are too important for human cell activity, functional activity and life. But modern people due to various factors make the human body peptide loss, loss, the ability to synthesize peptides greatly weakened, so the modern human body lack of peptides, must be supplemented with synthetic peptides, supplement peptides are to supplement the activity, supplement peptides are to replenish vitality, peptides are to replenish life.