The Origin Of Enzymatic Polypeptides

- Aug 08, 2019-

The method of catalyzing proteins with bioenzymes is called enzyme method, and the polypeptides obtained by the method of catalysis of bioenzymes are called "enzyme polypeptides". The term enzyme polypeptide originated in 1996, and polypeptide scientists in the Far East have achieved great success in obtaining peptides by catalyzing proteins with bioenzymes. 

That year, the overseas edition of the People's Daily reported this news, attracted the world's attention, and then within 14 years, China's central mainstream media will be the Far East as a major example of China's independent innovation to report, in 2006 the Guangming Daily with "The Far East and his creation of the enzyme method peptide" as the title, three consecutive days of special report; Science and Technology Daily covers the Far East with a full-page 8000-word edition of the "East China Independent Innovation Enzyme Peptide"; Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, People's Daily, CCTV, Central People's Radio China Broadcasting Network, People's Liberation Army Daily China Military Network, Chinese Academy of Sciences Network, China Center for Disease Control Network, China Medical News and China Intellectual Property News have highlighted the story of the independent innovation enzyme polypeptide in the Far East. Enzyme polypeptides are known for this, and they are famous for this.