The Way In Which Peptides Are Preserved

- Aug 13, 2019-

Peptide health food can only be placed in a cool and dry place. For peptide reagents and peptide drugs, it needs to be kept in a dryer. Freeze-dried peptides can be placed at room temperature before exposing them to air. This will reduce the effects of humidity, when it is not possible to freeze and dry, the best way is to store in a small amount of work samples. 


For peptide reagents containing Cys, Met or TrP, deoxygenation buffers are essential for their dissolution, as these peptide reagents are easily oxidized by air, and nitrogen or argon, which slowly flows too much of the peptide reagent softens before sealing the bottle, also reduces oxidation. Polypeptide reagents containing Gln or Asn are also prone to degradation, all of which have a limited life span compared to those peptides that do not contain these problematic desidecosics.