MGF 2mg Injection

MGF 2mg Injection

CAS No:12020-86-9
Specifications:2mg/vial. And 5mg/vial. And 10mg/vial.

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CAS No:12020-86-9

Specifications:2mg/vial. And 5mg/vial. And 10mg/vial.


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Storage conditions: Store at 2 - 7°C. Keep tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place.

Molecular weight: 2868.19

Molecular formula:

Product description:

MGF Full name :Mechano Growth Factor, commonly referred to simply as MGF, is a spliceover variant of insulin-like Growth factor-1 (igf-1), a Growth Factor/repair Factor derived from exercise or damaged muscle tissue, because the name igf-iea is a tricky word to use, making it harder to identify other IGF variants.

What makes MGF unique is its unique role in muscle growth. MGF has the ability to cause wasteful tissue growth and improvement by activating muscle stem cells and increasing up-regulation of protein synthesis. This unique ability can rapidly improve recovery and accelerate muscle growth. In addition to the igf-1 receptor domain, MGF also activates muscle satellite (stem cell) cells, thereby increasing protein synthesis turnover. So, if used properly, it can improve muscle mass.

Igf-1 is a hormone composed of 70 amino acids. Its structure is similar to insulin and is secreted by the liver. The secretion of igf-1 is affected by the secretion and release of growth hormone (GH) in the body. Igf-1 affects almost every cell in the body, mainly because it is involved in cell repair. When muscle tissue is damaged, this causes a reaction in the body, which leads to

Igf-1 was spliced into two variants, igf-1ec and igf-1ea, the former being MGF.

2 MGF splicing variants of IGF produced by liver:

The first is igf-1ec: this is the first stage release of the IGF splicing variant, which stimulates satellite cell activation.

The second is liver igf-iea: this is a secondary release of IGF from the liver, and its anabolic benefits are much smaller than those of the first.

MGF differs from the second variant, igf-iea, in that it has a different peptide sequence and is responsible for supplementing satellite cells in skeletal muscle. In other words, it has a more anabolic and longer effect than the system release of the second MGF liver variant.

So you can just think of MGF as a highly enhanced variant of igf in terms of anabolic benefits. After training, the igf-i gene splices MGF and then causes hypertrophy and repair of local muscle damage by activating muscle stem cells and other important anabolic processes (including the above protein synthesis) and increasing nitrogen retention in muscles.

In mice, some studies have shown a 20% increase in muscle mass with a single MGF injection, but I don't think many of these studies are accurate, but the potential of MGF is undeniable.

The splicing of MGF activates satellite cells, leading to the growth of new muscle fibers in the body. In addition, the presence of MGF increases the rate of protein synthesis in the body, thus promoting our muscle hypertrophy, becoming larger! Bigger! Bigger again! Of course, the most important thing is to repair the existing damaged muscle, and of course the recovery factor associated with MGF is undoubtedly the most attractive thing about MGF.

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