Peptides 2mg Adipotide Injection for Losing Weight

Peptides 2mg Adipotide Injection for Losing Weight

CAS No:75921-69-6
pecifications:2mg/vial. And 5mg/vial. And 10mg/vial.

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CAS No:75921-69-6

Specifications:2mg/vial. And 5mg/vial. And 10mg/vial. 


price:If you need MT I 2mg  Injection price list, please contact customer service. 

Storage conditions: Store at 2 - 7°C. Keep tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place.

Molecular weigh: 1646.9

Molecular formula:

Product description:

Melanotan 1 (also referred to as Afamelanotide) is a synthetic peptide variant of a peptide , called alpha-Melanocyte stimulating or MSH that is naturally produced in the body and is responsible for stimulating melanogenesis, a peptide process for pigmentation of the skin. Alpha-MSH activates certain melanocortin receptors in the process of exerting its effects. Indeed, MSH also exerts potent influence over lipid metabolism, appetite, and sexual libido via these melanocortin receptors. As a result, Melanotan-1 sunless skin tanning effects. While Melanotan 2 and PT-141 have been studied at length as a potential remedies for the treatment of sexual dysfunction, Melanotan-1 has been researched extensively for use in protecting against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation from sunlight due to its melanogenesis-stimulating properties.

Both Melanotan-1 and Melanotan-2 are analogs of the peptide alpha-melanocyte stimulating (α-MSH) that tend to induce skin tanning. Unlike Melanotan 1, Melanotan 2 has been shown to have aphrodisiac properties, the additional effect of increasing libido. Melanotan-1 is a non selective agonist of the melanocortin receptors (MC1R,MC3-5R). As an analogue of α-MSH, its mechanism of action is biomimicry of the natural mammalian tanning process

Studies have shown that in organisms that do not possess fur or thick hair, the superpotent derivative of the menocyte stimulating hormone which is the melanotan-1 have induced tanning. Furthermore, it has already been demonstrated that malenotan-1 also induces eumelanin synthesis in the skin of animals, especially humans which is coincidental with its tanning effect (Dorr et al. 2004). When combined with UV-B light or sunlight, a tanning synergy between these factors was strongly observed. Furthermore, it was shown that when melanotan-1 was combined with sunlight, it produced a long-lasting tan at the sun-exposed back sites. However, when induced in greater amounts, melanotan-1 has been shown to induce side-effects. In the same study conducted by Dorr et al. (2004), nausea was observed in the experimental units. Possible explanation for this is the interaction of the melanotan-1 with the melanocortin-3 receptors which in turn are found in the gastrointestinal tissues of animals.

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