Salmon Calcitonin Acetate CAS No 47931-85-1

Salmon Calcitonin Acetate CAS No 47931-85-1

Specifications:2mg/vial. And 5mg/vial. and 10mg/vial.

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Specifications:2mg/vial. And 5mg/vial. and 10mg/vial. 


price:If you need HGH Fragment 176-191 OEM price list, please contact customer service. 

Storage conditions: Store at 2 - 7°C. Keep tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place.

Molecular weight:

Molecular formula:

Product description:

OEM-All-Polypeptide is produced from DNA technology.Its chemical composition including amino acid sequence and amino acid composition were identified to be identical with pituitary growth hormone.Growth hormone (HGH), whose molecular formula is C990H1529N2630299S7, is a polypeptide chain composed of 191 amino acids.It is connected by disulfide between position 53 and 165 and 182 and 189, with a molecular weight of 22125.

Product description:

Peptides are compounds formed by the bonding of alpha-amino acids with peptide bonds, which are intermediate products of protein hydrolysis. Compounds formed by the dehydration and condensation of two amino acid molecules are called dipeptides. Similarly, there are tripeptides, tetrapeptides, pentapeptides, etc. Compounds formed by the dehydration and condensation of 10-100 amino acid molecules are called peptides.

General peptide containing the number of amino acids for the two to nine, according to the number of amino acids in peptide, peptide has a variety of different address: by two amino acid molecules of dehydration condensation compound called dipeptide, the same four peptide five peptides on three peptides, etc., usually until nine peptide by 10 ~ 100 amino acid molecules of dehydration condensation compound called peptides, their molecular weight below 10000 Da (Dalton, Dalton), can pass through a semipermeable membrane, not precipitated by trichloroacetic acid and ammonium sulfate has the literature composed of 2 ~ 10 amino acid peptide called oligopeptide small molecules (peptide); Peptides composed of 10 to 50 amino acids are called polypeptides; Peptides composed of more than 50 amino acids are called proteins, in other words, proteins are sometimes called polypeptides and polypeptides are simply called peptides, and they were discovered in the 20th century.

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